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Pear Deck: The fun way to teach kids with Google Slides

Who doesn’t love a delicious pear to sweeten up their day? 🍐 Pear Deck remains a goto site that offers a huge variety of ways to liven up your Google Slides. And Pear Deck’s adorable mascot, Peary, is also used in another edtech tool, Flashcard Factory!

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a Google Slides add-on that allows you to create fun and interactive presentations for your class.

We last spoke about Pear Deck on Episode 11. Since then, they have created many new features, including:

  • Weekly Wonders
  • The Newsela Daily Deck
  • & Several great new templates

Accessing Pear Deck is simple! Once you have your account created, you can find Pear Deck in the “Add-Ons” menu of Google Slides.

I guarantee your students will have fun going through them all! I look forward to hearing from you soon about how much time and effort Pear Deck saved in creating engaging lessons for your classroom!

Flashcard Factory

Creating flashcards is not always the most exciting activity, but with Pear Deck’s Flashcard Factory you can create them in just minutes. Not only does it take less time to make your cards, there are built-in dictionaries and games that will help reinforce learning. Give this tool a try! Let us know how it goes for you by leaving a comment below or tweeting at @smartinwi.


We have a site suggestion, today! Ella, a student who is part of a girls STEM club, sent us this little repository of fun STEM sites and thought they would be helpful for others. Check them out for yourself. Thanks, Ella! And thank you to her teacher, Denise, for contacting me as well!

• Ella’s recommended site

As Thanksgiving approaches, I just want to say THANK YOU for all of your support! I am so thankful to have such a positive and inspirational audience, thank you guys. Take care and enjoy the holiday season ahead!!


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