Design Time! Elementary STEM Tools

It’s design time! We have some fun tools for our elementary kiddos today focused on STEM skills! The design process can be learned at any age and can be applied to multiple subjects. The free tech tools this week are to support elementary teachers and engage students in design thinking.

Fidgit Factory

Our first fabulous tool is a huge hit in our house – Fidgit Factory by PBS Kids Design Squad! There is a variety of videos, design tools and games that all focus around engineering skills. They make you think, create and repeat the process. They are created for kids but fun for adults too! Take a few minutes to explore and you will get hooked.

OK Go Sandbox

Another STEM site is Ok Go Sandbox. Not only does this site have great music, it has lessons behind the creating of each music video, grade and content level lesson breakdown and a ton of cool activities students can do as a class or on their own.

Kids Think Design

If you are looking to show students all different ways the design process works, then look no further than Kids Think Design. This site offers kinds of examples of design from fashion design to architecture. You can learn about a designer, the process they go through and then create your own design! There are many options and it shows students new ways of thinking!


Have some fun with these sites and break out your design skills. I’m sure your students will have fun too!

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