Fun Stuff! Story Time from Space, Canva Storyboard & DesignCap

Sometimes you run across a website that has just what you need… and this week, these sites really helped me out! Here are a few websites that were the highlights of my week. It’s fun to just play around and experiment with what you find! These sites can be helpful in may different subject areas and are a great way to start a class discussion. I would love to hear what you come up with!

Story Time from Space

The first highlight of my week is Story Time in Space. This site has great resources for teachers but also has so much for kids! On this site there are videos of actual astronauts reading books to you from space. They also share life lessons and explain different parts of the space station. It is so cool! There are endless ways this site could be used in the classroom.

Canva Storyboard

Our next site, Canva, has been discussed previously during Episode #17 but this week highlights the storyboard template. This is a great way for students to create professional looking storyboards for presentations or how-to speeches. There are many ways students could make this work for projects.


Lastly, we discuss DesignCap. This site is similar to Canva and has a lot of free template choices. You can design posters, cards, social media posts and then easily download them. This site has endless possibilities for creativity .


I hope at least one of these sites is helpful in your lessons this week! I would love to hear how your students are using them! Have a good one!

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