iCivics, Library of Congress, and MapHub

Where are my Social Studies teachers at?! While we have many useful sites for Social Studies this week, lots of subjects can benefit from using these websites. I had to narrow it down to a few of my favorites but I am sure there will be a part #2 of this episode at a later date. Grab your favorite mapping app and we will start our adventure!


iCivics is a website that is loaded with teacher resources. It has curriculum and lesson plan help and can connect to Google Classroom. The best part of iCivics is the games. They are easy to understand and reinforce many content discussions we have in class. They are also highly engaging.

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is a great site for primary sources. Students have access to newspaper articles, photos, documents and much more. There is a ton of teacher resources and can provide support for most lessons.


Our last site is MapHub. You can create your own maps, drop pins and add pictures. It is easy to use and has many design choices. You can even create a pirate map! Students will be able to apply their mapping skills in many ways with this site.


Hopefully while explore these sites you find something schnazzy that fits into your lessons! Enjoy!

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