Calming the Closure Chaos

Finding the calm in the closure chaos… that is our goal this week. We are all heading into unchartered territory. However, online learning isn’t new. We just have to think about a way to play up our strengths in the classroom from a distance.

I was thinking about ways to get resources to students and their parents, as well as using what they have in their homes to work on plans. This week, we are focusing on both.

Books are a great place to start. is a site that is just that. A library where you can checkout online books. Adults and students can sign up and check out online books just like you would at your library except you don’t have to have a library card. It is a neat set up and helpful if students have a harder time getting their hands on books.

Science Bob

If you want to share some easy household science with your kiddos, check out This site offers all kinds of science experiments, vocab and videos that you can do at home. They are fun and loaded with information.

Welding Game

If you or your students want to try your hand at the Welding-Game. It is a virtual welding game to practice your skills! High school shop teachers can challenge their kids for a high score and then have them go identify tools in their home garage. 🙂

Discovery–Education Virtual Field Trips

Lastly, if you are feeling cooped up, go on a virtual field trip! Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips has a ton of experiences for students to learn from. You can choose your category, find a topic, then share the video with your students. There is a educator guide with each one filled with teaching points and ideas. These would be great experiences for students from their living rooms!


I hope these sites and those in the Ed Tech Directory are helpful during this unsettling time. Our homes open up another learning environment. Use it to your advantage and play to your strengths. Stay healthy!

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