Summer Support for Students (Part 2, 6–12)

Summer is around the corner and it’s almost time for a break! Part 2 of our Summer Support series is focused on our 6-12 kiddos. They are ready to mooooove on up to the next adventure so here are a few easy ways to support their learning over the summer.

First up is a site I have used for vocabulary review over the years. offers a long list of SAT vocabulary broken down by grade levels 6-12. You choose your grade, number of units and then the activity you want to practice with. The activities are pretty straight forward and it will not let you move on until you figure out the correct answer. I also like that the site will repeat the words that you get wrong again. That way the practice continues over and over. It is easy to navigate and 10 minutes a day could be really helpful for many students.

PBS Learning Media

In Episode 92, we discussed PBS Learning Media and I am bringing it up again this week because of how huge the list of resources is. There are videos and interactive lessons in every subject area. You can use it to support your students in specific subjects or use the PD section to expand your own learning. This resource would also be helpful if you are teaching summer school or tutoring students too! Dig in and see what you can find. & Instructables

To encourage your students to turn off the TV or get off of TikTok this summer, have them check out This site is full of cool projects and tutorials for students to try! There are design and making challenges along with live classes that they can join. There are lots of cool projects to check out and when they are done, then maybe they can make a TikTok about their creation! 😄 Also, don’t forget about another making site that we discussed in Episode 60. There have been lots of new projects added!

That’s a wrap for Season 3! If you are looking for some fun techy PD this summer, check out my webinars through CESA 6. Go relax and enjoy some down time! You deserve it!


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