Heading into Summer

Looking for a little summer fun? The school year is coming to an end but the learning doesn’t stop. This week, we are focused on a few sites to keep you and your students learning through the summer. Also, if you find that you love these sites, you can use them next school year—no matter where you are.


It’s rhyme time, isn’t that sublime? I often start rhyming randomly because it’s fun and a way to pass the time as a family. Rhymes.net is a rhyming site that shares all kinds of rhyming words broken down by syllable. It also has the option to rhyme in many languages. You can even create rhyming word clouds with all of the new words you learn. If you like to rhyme, this site will challenge you. If you find it a little tricky, this site will help you with the answers.

Loyal Books

If you are looking for quick, free audio books this summer, Loyal Books offers a large selection of classics. There are tons of options to choose from and I am sure you are familiar with many of them. There are options for both children ands adults, and there is a quick summary of each book to read over before you download it. If you are practicing a world language, they also offer books in a variety of languages!


Summer is often a time when we want our kids to do some skills review. Arcademics is a fun site to do skills review while playing games. Kids can review skills in variety of subjects at different grade levels. This is a great site for a little practice during the summer or to keep them busy on a rainy day. It also gets a little competitive with adults too. 😃


Lastly, one of my favorite sites, Instructables. This site is basically a “how to” do anything site! You can build, craft, cook, create and do classroom projects too. It is a really easy way to find directions for a project you want to do or scroll through and find a a project that seems interesting. You are also able to take “classes” to learn a new skill. Instructables is a really great way to keep yourself busy and also has a whole teacher section to give you ideas for your classroom.


A little break and a little sunshine seems to be needed at the end of the school year. I hope you are able to find some time for you over the summer to recharge and take on the next tasks ahead. Thank you again for joining us this season. Please feel free to reach out with ideas for next school year. Take care!

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