Cloud-based CAD Software for Students & Teachers

We are OnShape to finish this year out strong! This week, we are chatting about an awesome free CAD website for educators and students. OnShape allows you to design and collaborate all in one space without having to download hefty files!


Onshape Free is a platform for nonprofessional designers to share and collaborate their ideas. Students are able to design in a similar setup to Inventor and use all of the tools they need to create 3D models. Once you create your free account you are able to save your designs and share them with others. It’s also nice because when you share, you have options for others to edit or view, depending on your needs.

Educators also have access to a collection of resources to help you teach CAD basics in your classroom. There are classes and videos along with a curriculum. Students can also use the videos to support their design process.

Onshape is a great program for students to play around with over the summer and learn more about design. Middle and high school students can definitely design and explore on their own. As an educator, this is a great resource to build design into your classroom.

Hang in there everyone and have a great week!


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