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It’s 3D week and we have our first guest! There are so many programs you can use with your students that connect to skills needed in the workforce. This week’s guest, Blake Bogenhagen, highlights a few tools he uses in his Science classroom. We also chat about some of the cool things students can do with 3D software, 3D printers, and websites that can help your students get started!

Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Inventor is one of the highlights of today’s show. Did you know that educators and students can download the software free? It is comparable to most CAD software used in the workforce. It allows students to design in 3D and then export the files. It takes a little practice but, students can create anything from keychains to home designs. Once they learn the basics, the possibilities are endless!


Blake also discussed Thingiverse. This website is a collection of 3D models that you and your students can use. If you can think of a topic, Thingiverse will have a model to go with it. We have printed everything from lions for school mascot projects to cool earbud holders. This site is really helpful for working with 3D printers.


We also talked a little about Tinkercad which is a great place to start 3D design basics with younger students. It has all of the building blocks and is less intimidating than Inventor.


We hope you have some fun exploring these 3D tools with your students! They are a great way to expose your students to real-world skills and the design process. Also, thanks again to Blake for joining us!

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