Exploring the 3D Design Universe: Planner 5D & Home By Me

Summer is almost here and we are podcasting outside this week! Today, we’re going to explore two amazing online platforms, Planner5D and Home by Me, that are awesome for both you and your students! Whether you want to create dream homes, practice math skills, design story settings, or simply have fun, these platforms offer endless possibilities. So, let’s design

Planner 5D

Planner5D is a user-friendly platform that allows students to bring their dream homes to life. From cozy cottages to futuristic spaceships, the only limit is their imagination! With its intuitive interface, students can easily navigate and start designing right away. They can experiment with different room layouts, furniture arrangements, and color schemes. As they dive into the world of design, they also practice essential skills such as spatial awareness, creativity, and attention to detail. Planner5D can also transform math lessons into engaging activities. Students can explore real-life applications of mathematical concepts while they design. Planner5D isn’t just about houses; it’s a portal to endless possibilities. So see what your kiddos can create!

Home By Me

Our other awesome site is Home by Me. It caters to both students and educators. With its wealth of video tutorials and user-friendly instructions, anyone can become a design pro. Encourage your students to explore Home by Me, where they can create and design to their hearts’ content. The platform offers a rich variety of tools and features that inspire creativity and encourage collaboration.

What is cool about both Planner5D and Home by Me is that they can be integrated into various subjects and learning objectives. From architecture and interior design to literature, mathematics, and even history, these platforms offer exciting opportunities to engage students across different disciplines. Consider designing cross-curricular projects where students can apply their newfound design skills to explore and deepen their understanding of various topics.

So check them out and have some fun designing with your kiddos! Take care everyone!


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