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Fun with the fam! There has been a lot of discussion over the last few weeks about online learning and how to connect to students. It’s HARD when there are so many different situations going on. So this week I decided to share sites that support teachers AND families. They can be used as regular classroom resources, family projects or just to learn about something fun and interesting. Maybe start a new hobby??? So lets get started with some fun sites that might teach you something new and you won’t even notice. 😄

The Great Plant Escape

We are going to start with a mystery and not just any mystery but a plant mystery… The Great Plant Escape was designed to teach kids about plants and how they grow. It is set up in a mystery format and you solve cases while learning all about plants. This site offers engaging educational content for students and fun projects if you want to get the family involved. The site is easy to navigate and there are a lot of different ways you can use it.

Amazing Space

If you want want to travel to infinity or beyond, then Amazing Space is for you! This site is loaded with space resources and has very cool pictures. There are interactive elements that will keep kids engaged and test you on your knowledge. Many ages will be excited about this site.

Nat Geo Kids & Young Ocean Explorers

National Geographic Kids and Young Ocean Explorers have all kinds of activities for students and families. Both sites are educational but go well beyond just listing facts and articles. They both have videos, activities and online quizzes and who doesn’t love an online quiz. You can test your knowledge and then challenge someone else in your house!

How Stuff Works

For those that are a little older in the house and are looking for a new hobby, How Stuff Works is the site for you! There are many categories and topics to choose from. You can learn about a new topic or how to start a project. The options are endless.

Harry Potter At Home

Lastly, the current hot topic in our house is Harry Potter so naturally, I couldn’t do fun for the fam with out it! J.K. Rowling has created a site called Harry Potter at Home. This site is a great way to give everyone a little break and so some magic. The have craft projects, trivia, games and online quizzes. I like that most ideas are pretty easy to roll with and don’t take much planning. You could have a “Harry Potter” day, theme everything and the site would handle most of the details. Enjoy a little magic and see who knows the most about Harry.


I hope these sites have sparked a few ideas to use with students or with your families. I know we are all running low on new, fun ideas that keep our homes interesting. Take care!

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