Tools to Help Your Year End Smoother

This week, we are hoping to help your school year end a little smoother! These tools will hopefully take a little off your plate and keep your students engaged and focused. These are a must when sharing video content and can also add a little flair to year end reflections or projects. Lets jump right in!


EdPuzzle is a very useful site that allows teachers to share videos with their students and then add questions to check understanding as they watch. It connects to your Google Classroom and with other teachers in your district. It is very useful for flipped classrooms, review or introductory information. It is also similar to the site Playposit from Episode 006. Compare them and let me know what you think!


ViewPure does just that. It allows you to share YouTube videos without all of the ads, comments and continuous videos. It is a great way to keep kids on track.

Storyboard That

Lastly, we have Storyboard That! It is a fun site that gives students all the tools they need to create story boards. The site has tons of backgrounds and characters to choose from for students’ storyboard designs! Students can storyboard the end of their year, set goals or share a story. It is highly engaging and simple to use.


Hopefully these tools help you out as your year comes to a close. Keep on going! You are nearing the end!

P.S. If you want a TTfTP sticker, message me and feel free to share the EdTech Directory at your summer PD!

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