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Episode 100 is here! WhooHoo! I had a lot of ideas spinning around about the topic of Episode 100 and had to go with one that was very important to me. Girls and STEM! Highlighting STEM/STEAM topics and how many awesome women are in these fields is so important for young girls. So this week, I gathered a few of my favorite girls & STEM resources to share with you!

Girls Love STEAM

The first three sites that we chat about this week have lots of resources that connect girls with STEM activities. Girls Love STEAM has over 418 book suggestions and 77 websites to share awesome STEAM ideas! They also let you know if the books connect to actual women scientists. This is one of my go-to sites if I am looking to connect my students with new STEAM ideas.

STEM Like a Girl & Girl Geek Academy

STEM Like a Girl and Girl Geek Academy not only have resources but they also have a variety of virtual workshops. These workshops are meant for women and girls but all are welcome to explore a variety of STEM topics. They have so many ideas of how you can incorporate STEM learning in your home and classroom! Dig though and find yourself some new resources.


Our last tool featured is Alice. This is a free software download that is a super cool way to get kids into designing video games. It has a collection of backgrounds, creatures and features and then you become the designer. You use code to make everything come to life. It teaches real application of all of the different skills you need to be a designer. There are also lots of Alice resources online to get you started!

I am thrilled to be sharing all of these schnazzy free tech tools with you! Let your kiddos dive in and explore all of these neat STEAM sites!

As an added bonus this week in celebration of our 100th episode, check out Twitter and Facebook for a fun Tech Tools for Teachers Podcast swag GIVEAWAY! Thanks for listening!


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