Full STEAM Ahead!

Full STEAM ahead! Since I am presenting on free STEAM tools this week, I had STEAM on my brain when coming up with this week’s theme. I have resources that can be used in multiple content areas and are easy ways to bring STEAM into your classroom. I hope you find one that works for you!


PhET is an amazing resource of science and math simulations. They are organized by grade level, specific content and type of resource. Some of these simulations you can download while others are played online. They have simulations from physics to probability and the simulations can be assigned to your Google Classroom.


When it comes to the arts, Artsedge is a fantastic site. The site has examples of paintings, sculptures, dance and so much more. It also has lessons to support teachers and also resources for families, as well as collections where topics are organized for you and you can research what you are interested in.

Noun Project

Next is the Noun Project. A really easy icon download site. It is similar to Flat Icon which we talked about in Episode 032. You are able to search simple pictures, adjust their colors and then download them.

Google Arts & Culture

Finally, we have Google Arts and Culture. Google basically has a warehouse of all types of art. You can travel to famous places, tour famous buildings and learn about historical figures. This is a fantastic site that can be useful in any classroom. It had endless resources for students and teachers.


Hopefully, these tools will help your “self -eSTEAM” when it comes to incorporating various subject areas in your classroom! 😂 Enjoy your week!

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