Sanity Before the Holiday

Is anyone else in the midst of 2nd quarter holiday/end of trimester chaos? I figured we could all us a couple of tools to help our kids stay engaged and teachers keep their sanity this week. 😀 So, we have a mini episode of two websites this week that I just used with my students.

The first website has been around F O R E V E R and it is still relevant!! This site can be used in so many subject areas. It is very straight forward vocab review – click on the right answer and you advance. However, the best part is that when you get the right answer, it helps feed people in need. The site has changed over the years and offers many subject choices in the categories section, so check it out! Your answers matter.

Pencil Code Gym

Pencil Code Gym or is not just your average coding site. There are so many levels students can learn coding and so many areas of interest! Students can draw, play music, write and illustrate stories and so much more. It can be used by beginners to more advanced students. Students will be engaged and learning great problem solving skills at the same time. Check it out!


I hope all of you find a little calm in the storm and have a great week! If your students are creating cool projects with these sites, please tag me on Twitter! I would love to see what they are doing! Have a good one!

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