Can we just call it mathing? That could be a real thing, right?! Well either way, that is our focus this week! Math! Hurray for Math! There are so many times a day we use math and we don’t even realize it! I am excited to share some great sites to support students using math in your classroom!


Desmos is our first site that is more than just a scientific calculator. It also has great teacher resources AND a graphing program. It gives you all types of graphing examples and directions on how to make cool pictures while graphing. There are so many ways this site can reinforce math skills!


Our next site is very straight forward. Plotvar is a graphing site that makes bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts and more. You enter in your information and a graph is made! Easy to use and can be very helpful when creating visuals.

Khan Academy

Most educators already know about Khan Academy but if you haven’t used it as a classroom resource, you should! Its main focus is math but there are so many other resources as well. There are tutorial videos, assignments and extra practice. You can create your own class and assign students work, but you can also just use it as a resource.

Engineer Girl

Lastly, to address the question—”why do we need to know math?”—we have Engineer Girl! This site is focused on women but it has great resources for everyone. Students can find career information, videos and all types of ways to get them engaged in the engineering field. Share it with your students!


I hope your students can use these sites to build on their love of math. Have a great week! 😁

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