Slide Shows not Side Shows

It’s a slideshow kind of week around here and I have lost my voice a bit. So we are pushing onward and pushing our students to try new things! We are focusing on sites that will assist your students or you with engaging presentations. Let us know what kind of presentations you are using, we would love to hear!


We are bringing back an oldie but a goodie with Prezi! This site has been used in classrooms for a long time but now has some new upgrades. You can upload already made PowerPoint presentations and also create from scratch. It also has a feature that levels the templates so you know what you are getting into before you even start. It you haven’t used Prezi in a while, check out an old friend.

Haiku Deck

Next we have Haiku Deck. This is a very straight forward presentation site. Not too many frills unless you go to the paid upgrade. It is great for students who do not want to stray too far from what they are comfortable with. It will expose them to new skills and create a nice looking presentation.

Slides Media

If you are looking to make your Google Slides or PowerPoints a little more schnazzy, look no further than Slides Media. It has a ton of great templates that will help make any presentation pop! My favorite part is that it has a template with polka dots!


I hope your students have fun with their presentations and learn a lot from each other! Enjoy your week! Share what your students are creating! 😃Go educate and innovate!

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