Spreaker, Blabberize & Audacity

Podcasting! Free! Yes! This week we are highlighting some great free tools to help you and your students podcast in your classroom. Podcasting is such a wonderful way for students to communicate their ideas and share information.


Audacity is the first free tech tool discussed. It did not work as Fuzz had planned however, it is an easy download to get your students recording their first podcasts.


The second website is one of my favorites! Blabberize! Students or adults are able to choose a picture and make it talk! This is such a great way for students to become comfortable recording themselves and just have fun!

Blabberize: “Hi everybody, I like to eat carrots and jump around.” An example by our 3.5-year-old.


Another great site for podcasting is Spreaker. You can add it to your phone or use the website on your computer and record away. It is simple to use and an excellent way to get your students podcasting!

Beautiful Audio

Last but not least is Beautiful Audio Editor. This Chrome Extension is still in Beta but has the makings of an awesome tool. It is an easy on and offline tool that can be saved to your Google Drive!


Go out and podcast about something! Or at least find a picture and make it talk. 😀 Enjoy communicating! Go educate and innovate!

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