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UPDATE: As of September 2019, does not seem to be a functioning website, anymore. We will post some alternatives on a future episode when we find them and be sure to update this note.

This week we talk about and Playposit. Both of these sites are awesome tools to use in a flipped classroom or anytime you want students to gather some understanding from videos! Both of these websites can be used in any subject area from Biology to Art History. You can incorporate any content you would like students to learn more about. An example of a student’s notes from a YouTube video taken on allows you or your students to keep notes about videos in real time while watching the videos. It has so many uses! It also stores all of the notes into Google Drive!


Playposit is a great teacher tool to help your students focus on the video you are watching and a great way to monitor what your students are understanding. It allows you to pause videos and ask questions, and see the results from your students’ answers.

playposit: Question-by-Question breakdown
playposit: Example of what a student sees on the screen

Tech Mentioned in this Episode:

I hope these tools make your lessons a little easier! As always, let me know in the comments or via Twitter if there are other ways you are using these tools in your classroom.

Thanks so much for listening! Go educate and innovate!

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