Random Group Generators You’ll Love

What a random kind of week! Random group generators that is! 😄 Lately, I’ve been asked a lot for tools that can help create groups of all sorts, so this week I am sharing a few of my favorites!

Wheel of Names

The most popular generator I see is Wheel of Names. Just load in your list of names and spin away. They offer a few highlights to liven up your wheel. You can change colors, sounds, how long it spins etc. You can also choose to spin and eliminate the selected names until you have just one name left and make the suspense last longer.

Picker Wheel

Another random generator is called Picker Wheel. There are several options with Picker Wheel from yes/no wheels to number wheels. You have six options to choose from to make groups.

Comment Picker

Our final techy tool has SO MANY random generators! It’s called Comment Picker. Not only does it have a huge variety of random generators, it also has a variety of calculators and wheel pickers. There are random animal generators, dice rollers, and even baby name generators. It would be a great tool for writing prompts. There are so many ways to play around with this site. It would even be useful for rainy day entertainment. We had fun just exploring all of the options. Have some fun with them!


If you’re looking to do something random, we have you covered this week! Mix up those projects and spin a few wheels. Take care!

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