The Dirt on Virtual Gardening

Are you ready for some dirt on virtual gardening? 🌸 It was so fun dreaming of spring weather this week and collecting resources to support students with gardening projects! The tools we are focusing on work great in combination or on their own depending on how you are having your students work on their gardens. These garden tools are an easy way to build some STEM skills right into your day. Let’s check them out!

Gardener’s Supply Company

When starting a garden whether virtual or actual, knowing what plants will grow is probably one of the most important steps! Gardner’s Supply Company has a great kitchen garden planner that helps you layout what to plant together and how to start. It also has a vegetable encyclopedia to help your students find out all they need to know about the plants they are planting!

Smart Gardener

Another site that would be helpful in laying out garden beds is the Smart Gardner, which is a paid site, but the demo allows you to plan and manipulate how you would lay out your veggies. You can then print your plan and add use it as a detailed reference at the end of your project.


Lastly, if you are looking to create a larger scale plan, Gardena has what you need! I always love a virtual planning site and this one has all of the tools you need! You can start with your lawn, put in buildings and add the soil for your garden. There are even options for ponds, cobblestone paths and a variety of shrubs. Once you create your final project, you can share it via email or print if off. It is so much fun to play around with and start thinking about spring!


I would love to see the gardens that you and your students create! Please share and take some time to smell the roses. 😄 🌹

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