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A Little Bit of This & A Little Bit of That

Well, thanks to the help of my co-host, we were able to share a little bit of this and a little bit of that this week. 🙂 I was exited to share these sites and we didn’t let my lack of voice get in the way! Each of this week’s sites has a core content focus but can be used in other areas, as well. Check them all out!

That Quiz

We are starting with a little of “that,” That Quiz, that is. 🙂 This site offers all types of math reinforcement. It can quiz students on many math concepts and you are able to adjust the grade level, It also gives you the breakdown of wrong vs. right and how long it takes to answer the questions. Along with math, it offers some languages and geography quizzes as well.

The Most Dangerous Random Prompt Generator

The Most Dangerous Random Prompt Generator is a fun site for older students. It gives random writing prompts that you are able to follow then if you stop writing for too long the screen turns red and locks you out. So students have to write in more of a stream of consciousness than think too long about what they are writing. It’s a fun challenge and will get kids writing!

Virtual Nerd

This next site is great for more math help! Virtual Nerd is a site that is loaded with math tutorial videos for all levels. You are able to search the topic and lessons that students might need more help with. These videos would be great for extra help and reinforcement for students.

Edumedia – Sciences

Our last bit of “this and that” is Edumedia-Sciences.com. This site offers all types of science simulations. They would be great discussion starters or for students to explore on their own. There are many science topics covered and ways to use these in your classroom. If you really love them, they do offer a subscription but there are a lot of free options as well.


Thanks for tuning in this week and stay healthy everyone! Go educate and innovate!

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