Wow Science logo with text: an awesome collection of science sites

Wow Science: An Awesome Collection of Science Sites

Have you ever wondered where to find great science learning materials for students aged 5 to 11? Well, look no further. On this week’s episode, I have the perfect site for you! Wow Science is filled with so much information that can be used at a variety of grade levels. This website collects and evaluates resources from all over the web and organizes them in one place for easy access by teachers and students. The best part is, most of them are FREE!!

Wow Science

Wow Science offers short summaries on each resource along with links to get more detailed information about each site. It also does a great job of telling you how long each activity will take (noted by a little hourglass ⏳) and how much brainpower each activity is going to required (noted by little brain icons 🧠).

What’s even better is that Wow Science has an entire section dedicated to helping teachers find lesson plans, research materials and other helpful tools you may need when teaching your class or having students do independent projects.

They also have a collection of little “monsters” that are associated with each learning resource. Listen to the episode to hear which “monsters” Fuzz and I relate to. 🙂

Wow Science offers so many fun sites to explore. Plus, you don’t have to be a science teacher to appreciate them. Check out WOW Science and spend sometime exploring! I am sure you will find something that intrigues you and your students!


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