Online Quizzes Part 2

Online quizzing part two! Last week we started our quizzzzzzzz discussion and this week it continues! There are so many tools to check your students’ knowledge and help them review. Each of this week’s tools is a little different and has so many interactive options to use with your students.


The first tool discussed this week is Quizlet. This website allows students and teachers to create flashcards that can be used in several ways. Your students are able to type in answers, match definitions, test their knowledge and play games. Then you can go “live” and have a classroom-wide game that allows for student collaboration!


Next up is Gimkit. Your students will be highly engaged and have a lot of buy-in with the quiz you create. Older students will have so much fun competing with one another that they won’t even realize how much knowledge they are gaining.


Quizizz offers many options for students to review or demonstrate their knowledge. You are able to play as a class or on your own. One of the best features is that teachers are able to assign their quizzes to Google Classroom for students to have extra practice. You then can check the report to see if students are understanding the content.


I hope you have found a quiz or 6 to use in your classroom! If you have other software for online quizzes that you recommend, please let me know.

Thanks for listening. 🙂

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