Headspace for Educators

Headspace for Educators

I’m excited to share a really useful website for both teachers and students, this week. Headspace has awesome tools to support Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in the classroom. From meditation for adults to Sesame Street characters that support anxiety in kids, it has so much to offer. There are so many different ways to use this to support mindfulness in your classroom or just to put a little calm in your day. Take a deep breath and we’ll get started.


Headspace for Educators has many courses you can use to build in different types of mindfulness each day. You can find something for you, or work through it with your students. The Headspace blog has all kinds of great tips and tricks to help teachers in the classroom. They have ideas to support mindfulness in school communities too!

The site offers ways for students to deal with social issues like anxiety, patience, and coping strategies. You can easily build these short lessons into your routine. Do you have some students that are anxious about an upcoming speech? They have lessons on reducing social anxiety.

The lessons aren’t just for older students, either. They have age-level meditation for students of all ages. Younger kids will enjoy their Sesame Street lessons and bedtime stories to help find calm in their day.

Do you want to bring mindfulness into your classroom with the students? There are lesson plans for teachers, too. They can help with developing social and emotional skills like empathy, self-awareness, resilience, gratitude, happiness in addition to coping strategies.

One important note: Headspace for Educators is free for teachers and available with your browser. The Headspace app, however, is not. So if you want to bring Headspace’s power to your classroom without a paid subscription, be sure to apply through the Headspace for Educators portal and scroll down to “Start your free subscription.”

Sometimes there are just so many things going on as educators we think… there is no time! However, if you are able to build a few minutes in, Headspace for teachers can really support your mental health. Tare care! 🤗


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