Summer Support for Students (Part 1, K–5)

Looking to share some fun summer learning ideas with your students? We have you covered! Many families ask about ways to continue learning over the summer and this week we have sites for our K-5 kiddos that will keep them engaged on those rainy summer days!

Before we chat about sites that students can play inside, let’s talk about getting them outside! with get you set with the the awesome geocaching app! This app turns any outdoor adventure into a treasure hunt. It is fantastic for families and kids of all ages. You learn about the area you live in, follow the coordinates and find all kinds of cool things. It is such a fun way to get outside and you can spend as much or as little time as your like searching! Download the app and head outside!


Heading back inside, a great online resource to engage students in practicing their Spanish is Rockalingua! This site is packed with fun music-based language practice. You can play games, watch videos and learn the basics of the Spanish language! While some features of the site are premium features, there are tons of activities that are free!


For younger students that are practicing their letter sounds and basic reading skills, is really helpful. Many teachers use it during the school year but families can use it at home as well! Many of the activities are free and engage younger students with basic reading, math and phonics skills. There are plenty of ways to practice skills that have been learned throughout the year!

Lastly, we have It has plenty of tools that can be used during the school year however, it also has TONS for students to use on their own. Teachers, students and parents can create a free account and have access to the online games and activities but if students just want to play, they can click the “kids” button, choose their grade and the practice math, reading & writing and typing. It is a very easy way for kids to engage in some learning activities and have a little fun.

Feel free to pass along these sites with your K-5 families and enjoy the last few weeks of the school year! We will share Summer Support Part 2 in 2 weeks!


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