Probability & Statistics Fun!

Odds are that your school year is winding down. Every day certainly feels like a game of chance, so why not play!? We are all over some math sites that have great probability & statistics activities along with other math support. So let’s roll the dice and begin! 🎲

Transum Math

We flipped a coin and chose Transum Math as our first site. While this site has tons of math resources, we are focusing on probability and there is a lot to share! Once you choose the probability category, go ahead and explore! There are starters that you are able to manipulate and get your class thinking, lots of teacher resources and activities to get your class interacting and experimenting with probability. Many of them you can play around with right on your screen. This is a great site to get you set up with an interactive unit!

PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media, our next site, is a monumental resource! Again, we are focusing on probability however, there are supports in place for educators for every content area. Everything is organized by content, topic, state standards and then you can find, interactive lessons, videos and media. The topics are relevant and easy to navigate. We will definitely be coming back to this site in the future!

Free Training Tutorials

And the spinner says… Free Training Tutorials is our final site! This is another math site loaded with all kinds of tools, but when you dig in, there is more than meets the eye. Once you find probability, click and scroll down. Then keep scrolling! There are all kinds of easy/different online activities to support learning about probability and statistics. They are fun to play around with and spark great discussion!

The outcome of this week is that probability can be use in any class! These tech tools are probably going to change your end of the year stats. 😀


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