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Teaching with Toy Theater!

Are you ready to have some fun this week? Toy Theater is a fun and fantastic resource for elementary teachers. It’s been around a long time, and I’m sure some of you have used it or are familiar with it. On the site, you’ll find engaging activities for all sorts of subjects that are both easy-to-navigate and fun for the kiddos!

Toy Theater

Toy Theater is broken up into categories, and each category is divided into topics that make specific activities easy to find. There are activities for math, reading, art, music puzzles and so much more.

One major highlight is the teacher tools section of the site. It has SO many resources! From all tons of math manipulatives to teach kids about money, there are so many choices!

While the site is geared toward elementary students, there is still plenty of fun for all. Try beat boxing—which was Fuzz’s favorite thing on the episode—or try the spiral. They are fun to play around with even for older students and adults!

Toy Theater is a great way for students to practice skills on their own and also have a little fun. It would be a great tool for extra practice. Does the weather have you stuck with indoor recess? Pull out Toy Theater on the kids’ Chromebooks or tablets and you’ll keep them engaged and learning the whole time!

Play around with Toy Theater and see what you can create! Enjoy your week and I hope you have a break heading your way soon!


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