Star Wars Excitement

Star Wars Excitement

Star Wars! If you’re a teacher who embraces May the 4th (be with you) as Star Wars Day, I thought I would share some fun sites to help your planning! These sites and activities can be built into a variety of subjects from math to art. So let’s fire up those speeder bikes and check ’em out!

Star Wars Kids

The first site we explore this week is This site is full of awesome activities that are engaging for all students in the classroom (even if they don’t know about Star Wars). They can watch videos that encourage healthy habits, learn how to draw characters, and try out different challenges. The site also has different printables for building and creating projects. It is a lot of fun for kids to explore and learn about Star Wars.


A really helpful PBS article I found written by Katherine Mulrooney shares all kinds of real world connections to Star Wars. She also shares all kinds of ways to teach with Star Wars in different subject areas. Her article covers everything from music class to science and is a quick read. This article is super helpful if you need a little help with your lesson plans!

Lastly, is a site I have been using for a few years in my technology classes. My students really like to code and it’s fun to drive the Star Wars droids around while learning Javascript. does and excellent job walking students through each task in a step-by-step manner. When they finish all of the levels, students even get a certificate.

These are just a few tools to create a fun Star Wars lesson for your students. You have a month before May 4th happens, but you can use these lessons anytime during the school year.

This is the way.

– The Armourer in the Mandalorian


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