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Great Space Tools for Teachers

Let’s head to outer space! This week’s sites are out of this world! We were trying really hard to come up with good one liners during the podcast so I am going to put them all in this week’s blog instead. 🚀


There has been so much space education going on in my life, I thought I would jump in and share some really cool supplemental space websites. Our first site this week shares all kinds of images from the Hubble Telescope. HubbleSite allows you to see the latest news, images and videos from the Hubble Telescope. There are all kinds of ways you can use this in your classroom and have your students explore. You can even track daily images on the HubbleSite Twitter page. The images are amazing and definitely worth checking out.

Exoplanet Exploration

Do you know what an exoplanet is? An exoplanet is a planet that orbits around another star other than the Sun. I found the Exoplanet Exploration website to be SO interesting. You can explore beyond our solar system with tons of resources from new discoveries and the scientists behind those discoveries. Then you can use their interactive Eyes on Exoplanets to zoom around and learn more about stars and other planets. It is a really engaging site and students and adults alike will be sucked right in!

Space Place

The last site this week is for a younger age group. It is called Space Place. This website is very kid friendly and you can learn more about all things space! They also have hands-on craft ideas, online games and an educator section that has many useful resources. This site is very easy to navigate and super informative. There is a lot to explore!


Hopefully you you can find some space in your day to check out these sites. 🤩

If you’re interested in more space sites, we have discussed Stellarium, Story Time from Space, and Amazing Space in previous episodes.

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