Digital Math Manipulatives

We are talking all about online math tools this week! Hands-on math manipulatives are tricky to use during our current situation unless you have a different set for each student. Plus, that can turn into A LOT of cleaning. However, manipulatives are such important learning tools and we need to find a way to help our students! So, this week we are talking about some digital math manipulatives that students can use in your classroom or while learning online.

NCTM Dynamic Paper

Our first math site comes from NCTM and is called Dynamic Paper. This site allows you to create a large variety of shapes, tessellations, grids and spinners. Once created, you can print them to share, use the jpg for other explanations or on share them on a digital whiteboard. This site sets you up to create examples for your students so that your visuals match exactly what you are teaching. There are so many ways this site can support you and your students.


Manipulatives are very important when understanding certain math concepts. Didax has a collection of digital manipulatives for all kinds of math topics. They also have free activities that you can use with their online manipulatives. Students can just click on the tool they need and it will open on their iPad or Chromebook. There is no sign-in required, which is really helpful when using with students. These tools can be used with any age level.

Math Learning Center

Lastly, the Math Learning Center has another collection of digital math tools. These manipulatives can be opened on the website but can also be downloaded as apps or extensions. So students can put them right on their iPads or Chromebooks if they are used regularly. You can save your work or use the share code and share your work directly. There are a lot of options with this site.


If you’re looking for more digital math tools, check out our Mathing episode and other math-related tools!

I know learning looks a lot different this year. Everyone is working so hard and trying their best. I hope these math tools are helpful and add a little normalcy to math class. At least, they will keep the geoboard rubber bands from flying across your room! 😄

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