360 Videos & Virtual Tours

Are you ready to take an adventure with your students? Are you missing your fall field trips? Try some virtual field trips! This week we are talking 360 images and tours. The sites I am sharing will hopefully help your students do a little exploring and add a little adventure into your day.


If you are looking to tour the world in a very quick and easy way, 360Cities shows you images from all over the world. You can drop in and get a cool panoramic picture of an area. This site is an easy way to see cool images but also has a spot to support educators. I like to use the images to start conversations and let the kids check out a new place. You can search by specific place or click on the world map. There are so many options!

FarmFood 360

For those of you missing your farm field trips this fall, FarmFood 360 can help. There are 360 tours and videos of all types of farming in Canada. You can visit pigs, cows, mink and many others. The videos are informative and fun. They also have a list of fun facts about each type of farm too! It may not smell the same but it is a fun way to bring the farm to you!

DiveIn Studio

With all of the 360 touring we are doing, I thought it would be cool if the students could make their own 360 tours. DiveIn Studio is a 360 tour builder. You or your students can create a 360 tour with images, tours and text. The site is really easy to set up! You only get 1 free tour with this site but it’s a fun way to learn the process!


I hope you can take some “virtual” field trips and do some exploring this week. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to get out of town without actually leaving your classroom or home, check out our previous episode on Virtual Field Trips.

Take care everyone! Go educate and innovate!

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