Language Week!

Bonjour! Hola! Guten tag! Do you teach in another language? Do you hope to learn one? This week we have four great sites to get you started on a new language. They are also great for reinforcement in the classroom! No matter what you teach two of these vocab sites can help out in any content area. Let’s get going!


We will start with the most known site – Duolingo. This site offers a whole program broken down step by step to learn a new language. They have 35 to choose from and each one has an assessment that you can take to test out of words you already know. It is easy to follow and is a great language reinforcement tool!


Tinycards Flashcards is one of my favorite new discoveries. It is a part of Duolingo and is exactly what it says it is. Tinycards Flashcards! You can load in the vocabulary you want to practice then, it creates a little game for you to practice. It continues to go back and quiz you on the words you need to know. It is super easy to use and has cute little cards that encourage you to do well. 🙂

The next site is another flashcard site that you can use in any subject., allows students to join you class and complete vocabulary tasks that you assign them. You can create your own lists or use lists that are already made. There is so many ways you can use this site!

Ba Ba Dum

Last but not least, just has a fun name! Ba ba Dum – a free foreign language game site. It has 5 different games and 21 languages you can try. It is quick and easy for students to play to reinforce their learning. There is no set up and students just need to sign in to save their scores.


After planning for this week, I started to feel really behind on my Spanish but, now that I can learn High Valyrian (Duolingo) I am pretty sure I want to try it out. Have a great week everyone! Go educate and innovate!

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