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This episode is packed with science (and a few other elements 😭)! As we move into the second half of the school year, I know our high school teachers really start to prep for AP exams and we are all looking for some new resources to change things up! We have help for both this week!

Bozeman Science

Paul Andersen is an educational consultant and YouTube content creator based in Bozeman, Montana. His website, Bozeman Science, has a huge collection of videos to support science teachers.

Each science topic is broken down by unit. There are hundreds of videos covering all types of topics. It also includes support for AP courses, slideshows, worksheets, posters, graphic organizers, performance standards and so much more. There is also a Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) section to support teachers with overarching concepts.

These free resources are super helpful in any science classroom!

Periodic Table of Comics

The other fun site that was a must share on this week’s science episode is The Periodic Table of Comics! The site itself is charmingly old, with a copyright going back to 1996! However, the information is so cool! Click on an element, and it brings up pages from comic books that discuss that specific element. The comic book connections are amazing, and it makes for a great way to introduce a unit and to keep kids interested!

Take a minute to explore and embrace your inner geek. 🤓

I hope you have a great week and a good start to the second half of the school year. Take care!


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