Creative Writing Tools

Need a creative outlet? We have creative writing tools for you and your students. Do you have a poetry unit coming up or a need a daily writing prompt? There is a little bit of everything this week!

Language is a Virus

Language is a Virus (but not really) is a jam-packed site will all kinds of creative writing tools. From word manipulation for poetry to technique and history, this site has a large collection of tools for you to use. There are not a bunch of frills and pictures but these activities will get your students engaged in the creative writing process. There is so much to choose from, I suggest just digging in and allowing your students to create!

Blackout Poetry Maker

If you are familiar with blackout poetry and and are looking for a way to make it work with virtual students, Blackout Poetry Maker is perfect! You or your students can choose a prewritten work, copy it into the program and then create something new by keeping the words you want and blacking out those you don’t. It has a few additions so that you can change your font/size and then you can create a way! It is simple to use and a quick way to get students engaged in poetry.

Tech Mentioned in this Episode

Check out these creative writing tools and share some examples on Twitter! I would love to see what your students come up with. Take care!

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