Chalk & Wakelet

This week’s featured topics are content organization and lesson planning software! Though, both topics seem a bit more formal than they need to be! Teachers have a tendency to be fairly organized and everyone has their own way of keeping track of all of their “stuff!” The two sites we discuss this week are super helpful when it comes to organizing your “stuff”. 😃


The first site we talk about is Chalk – Planboard. This is an online lesson planning tool that helps put all of your your lessons in order and even helps if you have a different schedule each day of the week. There are many great features that help you keep track of your standards and previous topics you have taught.


Wakelet is our second site of discussion. This website allows you to organize content in collections called “wakes.” With Wakelet, you can collect and save information as you need it. You are able to control who sees each collection, and it is a fantastic way to organize information for your students. Check it out!


Hopefully as your year is winding down, you are still up for trying out a new site or two. If you create some public Wakes feel free to share! Enjoy!

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