Powtoon & Canva

…And these are a few of my favorite things! This week, the two websites we are discussing are two of the several go-to sites that I use often in my classroom. Both sites can be use in any subject area and have many uses. Check them out and have some fun!


Go-to site #1 is Powtoon. This site is a great way for students to create presentations, how-to videos or video type presentations. The great thing about Powtoon is the fun cartoon images that can add a little animation to your student’s work, as well as the fact that they can easily add a voiceover to their project!


My second favorite site is Canva. This site allows you or students to create pretty much any design. I use it for student comparisons, digital posters, infographics, invitations and so much more! It is easy to use and there are so many free template options. Check it out!


I hope that you try out a few of my favorite things and if you already are using them, please tell us how you are! I love to hear new ideas!

Enjoy your week!

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