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Adobe’s Behance Live is an invaluable resource for K-12 teachers looking to incorporate digital design skills into their curriculum. This platform offers a wide array of video tutorials that cover various Adobe products, such as Photoshop and Adobe XD, which are essential tools for creating visually appealing projects across multiple subjects. By integrating Behance Live into their lesson plans, teachers can provide students with engaging, step-by-step guidance on digital design theory and practical application. Whether it’s creating infographics for a history class, designing posters for a science fair, or developing a visually compelling presentation for an English project, Behance Live empowers students to enhance their digital literacy skills while expressing their creativity. Additionally, teachers can use these tutorials to improve their own digital design proficiency, enabling them to better support and inspire their students in the ever-evolving landscape of educational technology.

Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial Logo

Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial & Education Center

The Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial & Education Center’s website offers free lesson plans specific to teaching students in Wisconsin about the events of September 11th, 2001. While it is specific to Wisconsin, the lesson plans can be easily adapted for any location. The site also offers field trip activities and links

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Earth Force logo

Earth Force

Earth Force is an organization that engages young people as active citizens to help them improve the environment and their communities. Earth Force incorporates environmental action civics into their lesson plans. According to Earth Force “Research shows that when 10-14 year olds participate in local problem-solving, they bring fresh perspectives

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Facing History Logo

Facing History & Ourselves

Facing History has a huge collection of resources and ideas to support teachers in all content areas to discuss events and culture. They resources specific by topic or content interest area. Videos on how to teach the lessons along with webinars. They even have support lessons for the first days

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